Most Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q: How do I get personalized help or request additional information?
A: Please call or e-mail Anderson - Snow Corporation for personal technical assistance or to request additional information.

Q: How do I request a quote for a repeat order?
A: If you need to duplicate a previous order please call or e-mail us with your last purchase order number, our coil drawing number or our shop order number (tag is located on the header end of the coil). This information will enable us to locate the last order.

Q: How do I get an existing coil (originally fabricated by another manufacturer) duplicated?
A: Please give us a call. We have a library of catalogs for several of the major coil manufacturers. In the event, we do not have adequate information, if you are local we can come to your facility to measure the coil. Otherwise, we will direct you to our representative serving your area.

Q: How do I confirm an existing order?
A: Once we receive your purchase order, the order is entered into our system and an order acknowledgement is mailed to you confirming your purchase order number, "bill to" address, our shop order number and the approximate ship date.

Q: How do I check the status of an existing order?
A: Please call us on our toll-free number (800) FIN-COIL. For the quickest response, please reference our shop order number indicated on our order acknowledgement. When we ship your order, you will receive a copy of the "bill of lading" confirming the shipment, date shipped and the truck line used.

Q: How do I approve the coil for manufacture?
A: We will fax you a drawing for your approval. The drawing will verify that our coil meets your dimensional requirements exactly. The drawing must be signed approved and returned to us before fabrication will begin on your order. Should the drawing require revisions, please indicate the changes on the drawing. We will fax you a revised drawing for your approval.

Technical Questions

Q: What does thermal counter flow mean?
A: The air enters the coil from one direction and the heating or cooling medium enters from the opposite direction.

Q: How do I determine a coil hand of connection?
A: From leaving airside with the air blowing in your face, which end of the coil are the connections on (right of Left)?

Q: How can I avoid an air logged water coil?
A: The water inlet connection should be low and the water outer connection should be high (maintaining counter flow). In that configuration, the water should force the air to the top of the coil and out through the vent connection.

Q: How do I know if my coil is repairable?
A: Send us your leaky, worn or frozen coils (freight prepaid) for expert repairs. Your coil will be thoroughly tested the reliable ANSCOR way and an estimate presented.

Q: How does Anderson - Snow make the bond of the fin to the tube?
A: We mechanically expand the tube into the fin collar.

Q: How are you able to maintain equal spacing between your fins?
A: A collar is drawn (its length is determined by the number of fins per inch), providing uniform spacing between each fin.

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